These are the many reasons WHY to CHOOSE US

585mm DIA
1000mm DIA
330mm DIA
1200mm DIA

  • We manufacture 330mm to 1200mm Spinning Wheels and Raffle Barrels, so we have a great range of sizes that you can choose from.

  • The Spinning Wheel stand and tri-base is powder coated.

  • All our Spinning Wheels are moisture resistant timber.

  • Designs & logos can be placed on the Spinning Wheel for you.

  • Table top and free standing Spinning Wheels and Raffle Barrels.

  • Our Spinning Wheels have been sold all over Australia and even in UK and NZ.

  • We guarantee the Wheel is balanced correctly.

  • All Spinning Wheels have 12 months guarantee.(Not for malicious damage)

  • With your Spinning Wheel you can: Promote your business, use the Wheel to fundraise or enhance excitement for sales meetings etc.

1000mm DIA
1000mm DIA
520mm DIA
585mm DIA
800mm DIA